Member Perspectives -- Staying Organized

Bryan Mulvany, HER, Realtors®
For me 2017 is all about technology and my Passion Planner! I personally use the Google Calendar and "To-Do List" apps to keep track of my schedule and daily to-dos. But I try to back myself up with old school pen and paper. With a family, a career, and a social life it's important to try and keep everything organized! As the millennials say, "The Struggle is Real."

Aaron Docie, Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Plus Realty
Wunderlist (Pro version), is helping me stay on track these days. I carry an iPhone, use a Surface Pro on the road and use a PC at my home office. Wunderlist syncs real-time with all of my devices. It allows you to create a folder for each property you’re working on, then set reminders, due dates and add notes inside each folder. It allows me, a teammate or family member, to add or check off a task as they’ve completed. The app does a lot more than what we're using it for right now, which is great for scalability. However, I still love the good old post it notes that are all over my desk.

Aaron J. Graves, Keller Williams Greater Columbus
Technology is key. I utilize cloud based software to manage my personal schedule as well as for buyers and sellers. Contracts are written and produced and shared from anywhere. All information management systems I use are all linked on all my technology devices; allowing for faster and more organized information sharing.

Bud Olsen, RE/MAX Stars
The absolute best tool I have found to help me stay organized as a REALTOR® is Folio by Amitree. Folio is an add-on/extension for Gmail users that was designed specifically for real estate agents. This tool automatically organizes and categorizes e-mails by placing them into individual smart folders for each separate transaction; meaning I no longer have to sort through my inbox and place e-mails into separate folders to keep my transactions organized. Folio does this automatically! However, the best part is that once the transactions are in separate folders, Folio also creates timelines, adds contacts (lenders, buyers, sellers, inspectors, etc.), and pulls documents that were attached to the e-mails so I have quick access to all the important information for separate transactions, instead of having to sort through multiple e-mails to find that information. Folio can also automatically add dates from my timelines to a Google calendar that I can share with my buyer or seller. This tool makes the communication involved with our business much easier!

Antwan Pratt, RE/MAX Main Street
When it comes to staying organized in today's market there are several things I do to stay on top of everything. One of the biggest and most helpful things is ensuring I have access to all the real estate forms and information through all of my electronic devices. Because I use my iPad almost as a computer, I have the MLS, and every form imaginable downloaded for quick access with the ability to sign electronically through the various platforms. In addition, I carry a mini office in my trunk that has every form that I may need in the event I don't have access to my iPad/laptop. I use my iPhone for all of my scheduling needs and keeping all of my notes from showings all the way to helpful and new information I pick up along the way. One of the last things and probably the most useful tools I utilize to stay organized, is social media and industry peers. I make it my duty to connect with other REALTORS®, lenders, closers, and every other vendor/partner in between to stay on top on the latest industry news and topics. With the combination of the above mentioned tools and process, I have been able to increase my business generation and conversion year over year.

Andi Brown Dalton, Stewart Title
After reducing my hours for over 10 years, I started back full-time in August of 2016. With a full work schedule, a husband that travels, and three very active teenage daughters, staying organized is a priority. I primarly use my phone. I use three separate colors – one for business appointments/closings, one for my girls activities, and another for my non-business commitments. I utilize the 'alert' function for extra reminders. We also have a large monthly calendar, and a weekly 'white board' we use at home. This way we never miss a closing, an appointment, a meeting, a play rehearsal, or a basketball (or volleyball) game!

Brittany Eddy, Coldwell Banker King Thompson
In a society full of distractions, organization is, indeed, key to any successful entrepreneur or business professional — especially in real estate! That is why for me, the systems and apps that I use on a daily basis keep me sane. I love Google Drive and its app for storing documents and being able to view them on the go. Google Drive also saves automatically after a certain period of time so you never lose any of your content. I use the Intuit Quick Books app, which is similar to Mile IQ but instead of only tracking mileage, Quick Books tracks your business profit, spending, mileage, calculates your estimated quarterly taxes for you and is easy to sync at the end of the year when you file your taxes! It's like a mini accountant on your phone. Hootsuite for social media management and of course, essential real estate apps such as Dotloop, CSS, my CRM and the local MLS app. If there is an app for it, it's on my phone!

Barbara Waters, RE/MAX Waters/Todaro Partners
I am a firm believer in Dotloop! Dotloop is effortless editing, sharing and e-signing. It is a seamless end to end experience wherever you are in the office, at home or on vacation! Dotloop saves time and money plus goodbye to paperwork. It has easy access and stores transactions securely.  An incredible tool for REALTORS® to lighten stress and enjoy life more!

Andrew A. Balalovski, Balalovski Real Estate
Every December, I reflect on successes and pitfalls. The successes are repeated and the mistakes are not. I look at how business is conducted and ask myself, is there a better way to get better results? We all have demands born from responsibility. Paperwork, bills and administrative documents need to be taken care of. A key aspect in all of this is organization. It’s 2017 and I would like to share how Balalovski Real Estate stays organized. I got into real estate in 2005. Since then, vendors from different companies call me to try out their software for organization. Top Producer and Outlook are a few of the programs I have used. They are good programs. They offer many different functions, but honestly, I keep it simple. On my desk, you will find a yellow legal pad of paper and an assortment of pens. I make lists of what I need to do each day. I also use sticky notes and send myself e-mail reminders too. I group things in categories based off of importance. Organization style is unique to each individual REALTOR® and differs for everyone. The main thing is not to let anything slip through the crack. Use what works best for you and your business, but keep an open mind to new ways of doing things because you may get better results.

Alicia Finsterbusch, Real Sharp Realty
I'm a little old fashioned, I love three ring binders! For every client of mine, I create a binder that has all of the information on the house they bought or sold, including any inspections or important e-mails. I think it's important to have a hard copy of those things in case something were to happen to my computer.

Drew Fitzgerald, Keller Williams Classic Properties
Top Producer is the system our team has used for many years now. While this is the core of what keeps our team running, there are additional tools we have on hand to use as an auxiliary to keep us running smoothly; everything from a simple text document for daily to-do's, to an excel spreadsheet with formulas I built into a spreadsheet to auto-calculate deadlines for our contracts. To sum it up, we have learned to embrace technology to help us keep all our ducks in a row...and even then, we find ourselves constantly adjusting with the times!