2017, A Year to Learn, Earn & Give Back

At the President’s Ball in December, I announced our theme for this year.  In creating the theme, I’ve taken inspiration from our members, all of you….

You are a group of professionals that are forever learning something new to stay on pace with this quickly evolving and revolving industry.

You are a group of professionals that operate your real estate practices at high levels and treat each other with great respect.

As a group, you and our Association have a culture of generosity that manifests itself in ways like REALTOR® Care Day, our Columbus REALTORS® Foundation and in the thousands of volunteer hours that make this Association what it is today, great!  

Our theme for 2017 is “Learn, Earn and Give Back” — a mantra for living our lives both personally and professionally. 

First is LEARN. As REALTORS®, we must learn every day — whether it’s our new contract, changes in the real estate laws, the latest gadget or app — we should always be in a learning mode. We should also always be in search of personal and professional growth so we can maximize our potential. 

While we are learning, we must EARN. The word ‘earn’ has many meanings for me in the context of our theme.

We must earn each other’s respect and trust through our commitment and our actions.

We must earn the right to represent our clients, not just take it for granted.

And, in doing so, we earn a living to support ourselves, our families and…. with a mindset of abundance, we earn a living at a level that allows us to GIVE BACK to our communities and our industry that have been so generous to us.  

Giving back isn’t always about money, it’s also about our time and our talents. Our time is our most treasured resource and our talents are specific to each of us.

I would like to take this opportunity to ask you to give back to your Association in 2017 by bringing your talents to 2700 Airport Drive.

If you are good with money and finance, ask for an appointment to the Budget and Finance Committee.

If you are good with event planning, the Foundation and CORPAC fundraising committees would welcome your help.

If you have an eye for budding talent, the Scholarship Committee needs you.

If you are a leader, then run for the Board of Directors next year and help shape the future of our industry.  

I’m not just talking to the salespeople of our Association, I’m talking to the brokers as well. Brokers, get involved and attend our newly created broker forums. We want your input and your feedback. 

It’s time for everyone to “Get on Board”!  When we share our time and talents with others, they become our gifts as well as theirs.

To quote Winston Churchill, “We make a living by what we get; we make a life by what we give.”

I’m excited to announce two education programs that we will launch in 2017 that will help us all Learn, Earn and Give Back. 

First, through the help of our Young Professionals Network, we will be hosting three “Masters Series” events that will include panelists with more than 25 years of success in our industry.

Our panelists will give back by sharing knowledge and success strategies that have worked for them throughout their careers so the new and younger agents can learn. 

Professionalism of our members continues to be a priority of our Association and is a major component of our strategic plan moving forward.  

Several factors such as a low threshold of entry, many part time agents and the absence of any apprentice requirements create challenges for our industry.  

Our second program is focused on improving professionalism. The Certified Real Estate Mentor Designation program is an education program that teaches our members how to be good mentors.

A group of some of the best in our industry have been working hard on this since this past summer and I’m pleased to announce that they are on schedule to have the program completed by the end of June and that it will be taught for the first time in the third quarter of 2017. 

I look forward to working with each of you as we LEARN, EARN and GIVE BACK in 2017!

Mic also said he sees the new political climate as a challenge in 2017. “With the new political climate in our country, the REALTOR® organization at all levels will need to be diligent in using our voice to help shape policy changes and new laws that affect our industry and private property owners' rights,” Mic said.