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MLS Street Abbreviations

All numerical streets, such as "1st" or "3rd", will use the numerical designation. ("First" or "Third" should not be used)

  • State Routes - use "Rt 256" (not RT256)
  • Township Roads - use "Twp Rd 184" (not Twp Rd184)
  • County Roads - use "County Rd 605" (not County Rd605)
  • Three B's and K Rd - use "3 B & K Rd"
  • West Park Ave - use "W Park Ave"
  • d'Lyn St - use "Dlyn St"(not D Lyn St)
  • Berry Lane Ct

When street direction is part of street name will use as follows:

  • North = N
  • South = S
  • East = E
  • West = W
    Example: N Broadway E

When Direction is street name will use as follows:

  • North = North St
  • South = South Pk
  • East = East Ave
  • West = West Rd

Omit any punctuation such as hyphens, apostrophes, periods, etc.

All street direction prefixes should appear in the street direction field

Subdivisions should NOT appear as Village @ Galloway Ridge but should be as follows: "Village at Galloway Ridge"

Unless identified above, all other names should be completely spelled out

Street Abbreviations

Avenue Ave
Boulevard Blvd
Circle Cir
County Road County Rd
Court Ct
Drive Dr
Lane Ln
Mount Mt
Park Pk
Parkway Pkwy
Place Pl
Pike Pike
Road Rd
Saint St
Square Sq
State Route RT
Street St
Terrace Terr
Township Twp Rd
Trace Tr
Trail Trl
Way Way