Legislative Affairs

Just like any large sector of the economy, real estate industry is profoundly affected by legislation and government action. That is why Columbus REALTORS® is committed to keeping you abreast of policy changes and issues that impact your ever day operations.

Grassroots Activities

Your membership in the Columbus REALTORS® makes you part of one of the most powerful and influential grassroots lobbying efforts in the country. Volunteer leaders and staff are constantly working with lawmakers and regulators at all levels of government to represent our industry and protect your best interests as a real estate professional.

REALTORS® fight and win battles every day that protect your profitability. Examples include keeping banks from engaging in real estate brokerage, fighting for reductions in the commercial property tax rollback and defeating efforts to eliminate the mortgage interest deduction.

However, it's not just about protecting your bottom line. REALTORS® lead the way in fighting to protect private property rights, create affordable housing opportunities, encourage smart growth and promote fair housing.

Active engagement in political activity is the right of every citizen but is a responsibility for every REALTOR®. Get involved and make a difference today.

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Government Affairs

For more information, contact Brent Swander, Columbus REALTORS® Vice President of Government, (614) 475-4000.